Collective motivation across time zones

We all become really busy with what can feel like the relentless demands of academic study and life. Many of us recognise the privilege we have to access education, but that is little comfort when we feel isolated and despondent. It was amazing to have support from unknown tweeters across the globe in recent weeks as we convened the first @PhDForum social space and then today our first virtual writing portal. 

The success, i.e. that people attended and made it happen, helps to decrease isolation and motivate us all not only to progress our writing but know we can do so while our simple presence supports others. We are not alone.

On that note, several people have asked for more dates and ways in which to subscribe to notifications of new dates. I have limited technical skills but I am hoping the contact form will allow you to forward your email address to me, should you want to subscribe to notifications of events.

What is certain, is that one small action in the world has a definite ripple effect. So we all perhaps need to be more active. :-)